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All bookkeeping tasks including payables, receivables, payroll, BAS and IAS were completely out-sourced - and out-dated and inefficient system that was labour intensive and costly.


Netbooks now completes all bookkeeping tasks. The payroll is out-sourced to a Netbooks affiliate, including payment of wages, super, leave calculations, ATO payments etc.

Netbooks receive all accounts for payment and, using the designated internet banking log-in, the payments are prepared for review and client authorisation. 

When instructed, the client logs in to internet banking, reviews all payments listed and authorises (pays) the amounts with the security token issued by their bank.

Netbooks then manage the client's Xero file, completing the allocation of transactions and bank reconciliation on a monthly basis. ATO compliance obligations are met as they are due.


  • Reduction in overall bookkeeping costs due to the improved efficient system
  • The client needs to spend less time on the tasks as Netbooks manages them all, involving the client only when necessary
  • More timely and accurate data is available providing a real-time snapshot of business performance and position
  • Data is available anytime, anywhere which suits our client's 'on the move' type of business
  • Less hassle, simple and streamlined, reduced costs and more time to focus on their core business

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