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The company employed an in-house, full-time bookkeeper who completed all tasks (payables, receivables, payroll, BAS, IAS, etc) in Quickbooks. The bookkeeper unexpectedly resigned without notice.


A part-time accounts clerk spends two to three hours per week carrying out basic bookkeeping tasks such as receivable invoices and payment of accounts. The payroll is out-sourced to a Netbooks affiliate and includes payment of wages, super, leave calculations and ATO payments etc.

Netbooks reconciles and reviews the client's Xero file monthly and then lodges their IAS and BAS notifying them of any updates to be made or payments required.


  • Approximately a $10,000 reduction in overall bookkeeping costs (accounting fees and bookkeeper's wage)
  • More timely and accurate data is available providing a real-time snapshot of business performance and position
  • Significant increase in staffing options as the client is no longer reliant on the in-house bookkeeper. Training of replacements is also not required
  • Seamless integration with the accountant at year end with all completed data provided. Enables efficient completion of year-end compliance requirements and reduces accounting fees
  • Less hassle, simple and streamlined, reduced costs and more time to focus on their core business

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